Sunday, November 30, 2008

Cone Snail Videos

I was happy to see how much attention the post on Cone Snails has gotten. I understand it is hard to picture a snail killing something, so I dug up a couple of videos of these slow but deadly predators on the hunt. It's somewhat disturbing and totally amazing to see these Cone Snails in action.

This is a very good clip from National Geographic showing the full process of a Cone Snail hunting.

And this video from Nature shows how quickly a Cone Snail can subdue a live and very active fish.

One of the reader responses to my previous Cone Snail post asked where Cone Snails can be located. I found a map from National Geographic showing just this.

It's small but you can see the regions where Cone Snails can be found highlighted in yellow. They are mostly located in tropical oceans. Florida is the only place in America that I know of where you can find Cone Snails. Still, if you think you might have found a cone snail, just remember the general rule of the ocean:
When in doubt, don't touch it.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Novablogger,

Where do cone snails usually habitate?

I've actually never heard of the cone snail until now let alone thought of the possibility that they could be deadly. Thanks for this.