Monday, August 18, 2008

Blue Whale

So for my first post, I'll start with the biggest animal in the ocean. Actually this is the biggest animal in the whole world. The Blue Whale can grow up to 110 feet long and weigh over 200 tons. Such a huge creature could never live on land because it would be crushed by its own weight, but it moves gracefully and effortlessly through the water. Strangely enough, the biggest animal in the world only eats tiny shrimp-like creatures called Krill. You can buy them at the pet store to feed your aquarium fish.


Sierra said...

This has to be another of my favorite animals. I love these creatures, I've actually have swam with one of these giants before while on a whale watching trip, not for long they soon subsided down out of view. I would love to see more of this animal.

NovaBlogger said...

That's amazing! Blue Whales are supposed to be some of the more rare species to encounter in the wild. It must have been incredible to see the biggest animal in the entire world. You are quite an accomplished diver, especially at your age.

Sierra said...

Yes, well if your father worked for an oil company, and worked on the oil rigs out in the ocean, you get to know people, and see things. He passed in October of 2007, but he inspired me by bringing pictures of dolphins he saw while taking a boat or helicopter to the rig. Me and a few of his friends took a boat ride down there, along with an experienced diver, and a marine biologist. I was so excited I could hardly put on my diving gear.